CLAS Expara Vietnam Accelerator (CEVA) Batch 1 Graduates


CLAS Healthcare is a Virtual Care services provider with the smartphone apps called BacSi24x7.  CLAS Healthcare’s InstantCare+ applications integrated with its partner services provide the most complete healthcare solutions compared to others.



Cloudjet Solutions provides a cloud-based application (called Cloudjet KPI) to manage objectives and people’s performance of all levels across an organization.



DataFirst can scrap for data from various sources on the internet before processing and analyzing them, especially near real-time, in order to create valuable and user friendly charts.  Their database has millions of properties’ listings and hundreds of thousands of broker profile from 2012 till now.  Those local and visualized information would empower decision makers to make more effective investment decisions.



Hiip is an automated Influencer Marketing Platform Backed by Data & matching algorithm.  Hiip is the first and only online automated influencer platform in Vietnam that  helps brands directly connect with the right influencers by  data and best-matching algorithm.  Hiip uses social data and algorithms to match brands and advertisers with the right influencers.  It has all types of influencers – even “niche” ones, who have the same “long-tail” impact as the largely popular ones.



MegaNet is a Vietnamese company for large-scale wireless network projects.  MegaNet has used its technology to cover free Wi-Fi for public places throughout Vietnam.  MegaNet sets up business based on trust and value and aims to research, create new and innovative services for its clients.



Mimosatek pioneers in applying Internet of Things to develop a strong foundation of agricutural techonology to assist farmers to optimize their crops yield and reduce risks.



Ubet provides tools platform for online training solutions. Users can directly interact, build lectures, and manage learning materials flexibly and efficiently.