CLAS Expara Vietnam Accelerator (CEVA) Batch 2 Graduates

AgrHub is an agricultural supply chain management platform from farm to table, to improve the farmer’s life and bring the high quality and safety of food to consumer.  By combining the traditional agricultural practices, new technologies and strong desire for bringing a good life for farmers, we want to re-shape the agriculture by building a sustainable agriculture ecosystem in Vietnam. 


AZStack is a cloud platform with white label SDK, API that provides abilities to build live chat, voice/video call, call-out, conference and live streaming features within your application. With a wide range of technology, friendliness and understanding, AZStack can help you to have the best start with your applications.



Bayleaf is a mobile platform that connects the right people to live together.  It connects renters to live together based on their personality and lifestyle. Unlike the existing options, we focus less in property listing and much more on people. Joining Bayleaf and answering our questions, users can find the right coliving partner, avoid conflicts, make friends, and spend their energy focusing on what's important.


Checkit is a book summary service on mobile app that enables people to reduce time to read a book from 5 hours to 20 minutes but they still comprehend 80% of book information. The vision of Checkit is to provide summaries of top-notch non-fiction books and revolutionize reading habit of 50 million young busy professionals in Southeast Asia.



Minecraftly is a Platform as a Service for Minecraft gamers. Using  state of the art orchestration system that combines infinite virtual worlds into one under an unified namespace, we provide user experience for gamers while solving the massive scalability issues that exist in online gaming for the past 15 years. Think of Minecraftly as a spin off from the popular game Minecraft, similar to how Pokemon GO is a spin off from Pokemon.


Tob is a company specializing in e-commerce and smart hardware manufacturers.


Wediditsolutions is the company that created Komorebi, a 2-way phygital communication, that will provide an unparalleled shopping experience to retail consumers by bringing SME manufacturers products to life. Beyond this branding enhancing experience Komorebi has state of the art algorithms and analytics that bring business intelligence and insights to these manufacturers, enabling them to

become more competitive in this ever changing marketplace. Komorebi  empower consumers to make informed decisions, and help manufacturers improve their competitiveness and achieve growth. 


WiAds is a wifi marketing solution for local Small Medium Enterprises