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  Title Subtitle Author Last Author First Publish Year Publisher ISBN Comments Category Amazon Link
View The Undercover Economist Harford Tim 2007 Abacus 978-0-349-11985-4 Economics The Undercover Economist
View Venture Capital and the Finance of Innovation Metrick Andrew 2007 John Wiley and Sons 978-0-470-07428-2 Venture capital Venture Capital and the Finance of Innovation
View How We Decide Lehner Jonah 2009 Houghton Mifflin B00327LQE2 Economics How We Decide Jonah Lehrer Hardcover 1 edition
View The Wisdom of Crowds Surowiecki James 2005 Random House 0-385-72170-6 Science and Math The Wisdom of Crowds
View Building Financial Models Tjia John 2003 McGraw-Hill 0071402101 Excellent overview of building financial models in Excel Finance Building Financial Models
View A Mathematician Plays the Stock Market Paulos John Allen 2003 Basic Books 0-465-05480-3 Excellent analysis of irrationality in investor behavior Science and Math A Mathematician Plays The Stock Market
View Numerical Techniques in Finance Benninga Simon 1989 The MIT Press 0-262-02286-9 Good treatment of spreadsheet modeling Finance Numerical Techniques in Finance
View The Structure Of Scientific Revolutions Kuhn Thomas S. 1970 University of Chicago Press 0-226-45804-0 Science and Math The Structure of Scientific Revolutions
View Mathematics For The Nonmathemetician Kline Morris 1985 Dover 0-486-24823-2 Science and Math Mathematics for the Nonmathematician (Dover Books Explaining Science)
View Market Driven Strategy Day George S. 1990 The Free Press 0-02-907211-5 Good overview of marketing strategy Marketing and competitive strategy Market Driven Strategy: Processes for Creating Value
View The Visual Display Of Quantitative Information Tufte Edward 1983 Graphics Press 0961392142 Classic on graphic design Presentations The Visual Display of Quantitative Information, 2nd edition
View Prisoner's Dilemma Poundstone William 1993 Anchor Books/Doubleday 038541580X Science and Math Prisoner's Dilemma
View Envisioning Information Tufte Edward 1991 Graphics Press 0961392118 Classic on graphic design Presentations Envisioning Information
View A Random Walk Down Wall Street Malkiel Burton G. 1999 W.W. Norton 0-393-32040-5 Classic on financial markets valuation techniques Finance A Random Walk Down Wall Street Seventh Edition
View Venture Deals: Be Smarter Than Your Lawyer and Venture Capitalist Feld and Mendelson Brad and Jason 2011 Wiley 0470929820 Two US VCs explain what entrepreneurs need to know to negotiate effectively with More ... Venture Capital Venture Deals: Be Smarter Than Your Lawyer and Venture Capitalist
View Masters of Corporate Venture Capital Romans Andrew 2016 CreateSpace 1530088690 Great overview of CVC Venture Capital
View Raising Venture Capital for the Serious Entrepreneur Berkery Dermot 2008 McGraw Hill 0-07-149602-5 VC from the entrepreneurs' perspective Venture Capital
View Entrepreneurship A Contemporary Approach Kuratko Donald 2001 South-Western Thomson Learning 0-03-019604-3 Entrepreneurship textbook Entrepreneurship guides Entrepreneurship: A Contemporary Approach
View The Ascent of Money A Financial History Of the World Ferguson Niall 2008 The Penguin Press 978-1-59420-192-9 Economics The Ascent of Money: A Financial History of the World
View The Misbehaviour of Markets A fractal view of risk, ruin and reward Mandelbrot Benoit 2004 Basic Books 0465043550 Analyzing markets using fractal geometry by the inventor Economics The (Mis)behavior of Markets
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