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No Fear Career

Are you doing what you most want to do with your life right now?

If the answer this question is no, then why not?

There are two types of answers to this second question: reasons and excuses. Here I will define 'reasons' as explanations for why things are the way they are and define 'excuses' as justifications for failure.

I recently came across this definition of integrity, which I would like to share. It was quoted in The Myth of the Rational Market by Justin Fox (details can be found in my reading list) and attributed  Landmark Education.

Being "in integrity" means "honoring your word" which means you:

In 2009, Singapore is one of the best places in the world for a media or interactive and digital media (IDM) entrepreneur to start or grow their business.  Despite its small size,

What do investors look for in a business plan?” is a bit of a tricky question.  The term ‘investors’ covers a very wide range of institutions and individuals, ranging from billion-dollar venture capital funds making multi-million dollar investments to friends and family putting a few thousand dollars into a new company.  For the purposes of this article, I am going to use what I cons

Companies have four possible sources of funds:

Dangerous point or turning point?