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Expara IDM Ventures II

EIDMV's second incubator fund, Expara IDM Ventures II (EIDMV II) was launched in late 2012.  Expara was reappointed as an incubator in IDMPO’s new iJAM Mircofunding Scheme in April 2012, also known as iJAM Reload. EIDMV II to match IDMPO’s funding of S$50,000 with an additional S$5,000 in Tier 1(similar to the initial program), followed by S$100,000 to S$100,000 match of IDMPO’s funding in Tier 2. 

To date EIDMV II has invested in 16 companies and we will invest in another 10 by Q1 2016.  Start-ups looking for iJAM funding from us can contact us here to apply.  

View highlights of Expara IDM Ventures II portfolio below and for all of Expara investments, you can check HERE