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Innovation challenges

Innovation Challenges with the Expara Innovation Engine

We provide a structured innovation process for organizations that will both increase the flow in their innovation pipeline and make it easier for them to identify the exceptional opportunities.  Where other approaches to improving innovation focus on teaching innovation theory or just developing innovation mindsets, our Expara Innovation Engine (EIE) enables organizations to systematically and consistently generate and evaluate exceptional innovations.  We change mindsets through generating results rather than trying to generate results through changing mindsets.

EIE harnesses the power of:

  • Crowd sourcing to increase the quantity and variance of innovations in your pipeline
  • Workshops, feedback loops and mentoring to increase the quality of your innovations
  • Competition and natural selection to help identify the exceptional opportunities in the pipeline

The Expara Innovation Engine is an online software platform which enables a hassle-free set-up of innovation challenges and automates the process of idea submission, crowd-sourced voting, feedback, closed or open judging, team formation and data analytics. 

EIE enables organizations to:

  • Manage idea submissions, crowd-sourced voting, expert scoring and feedback seamlessly online
  • Engage and reward the community of innovators for Client.
  • Use real time data analytics to help you identify and nurture high potential individuals, ideas and teams to bring these ideas fruition

For each facilitated innovation challenge, Expara will:

  • Set up and manage challenge
  • Source for individuals, companies and project teams to participate in the challenge through outreach programmes including roadshows and online campaigns via our proprietary network
  • SWork as a Challenge Manager to facilitate the online submission, voting and judging
  • Source for expert judges who can provide their valuable feedback and industry expertise to the teams
  • Incubate and mentor the winning project teams as they develop their ideas into MVPs