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Learn When to Invest in a Startup and When to Walk Away

How to recognize high ROI opportunities, well structured deals & red flags


Inside this workshop:

  • Why and how valuations are so often wrong

  • How to spot bad deal terms and the most common mistakes

  • Examples of some deal red flags and more...

Join LIVE on THURSDAY 7/29/21 at 10 AM

(Singapore Time GMT+8)

About the Author


Douglas Abrams

CEO of Expara

Douglas Abrams is the founder and CEO of Expara, Southeast Asia’s leading venture accelerator and fund.  He has launched and invested 5 VC funds in SEA since 2007. Prior to coming to Singapore in 2000, Mr. Abrams managed IT at JPMorgan for 14 years.  He is an Adjunct Associate Professor at the NUS Business School, (entrepreneurship) since 2001 and a Visiting Professor (venture capital) for Sasin at Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok since 2007 and was a Visiting Professor in Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital at RMIT in Vietnam from 2016-2019.  Mr. Abrams is a former Chairman of the Business Angel Network of South East Asia (BANSEA), was previously Deputy Co-Chairman and was a Director from 2002-2018.   He has a BA in Communications from the University of Pennsylvania and an MBA from The Wharton School.

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